Supplier of safety solutions for underground mining and cryogenic valves

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Conflow Valves factory Conflow Valves factory
specialist components for underground coal mining


Conflow Inc was established in 1978 to serve the American market for Conflow’s product range and has since grown into a highly respected supplier to the underground coal and industrial aggregate markets.

In addition, since 2002 Conflow Inc has been the American distributor for Bestobell Valves, supplying cryogenic valves to the industrial gas industry in North, South and Central America.

Conflow's commitment to the mining industry began in the 1950s, when its technical expertise was sought by British Coal engineers to address Health and Safety problems in coal mines. Since then, Conflow has worked closely with engineers from mines, quarries and mining equipment suppliers around the world. As a result, problems with frictional ignition, dust suppression and fire control have been overcome, and many of the risks of underground mining significantly reduced.

In addition to Conflow's own product range manufactured in the UK, for the mining industry Conflow supplies :
• Conflow/Mato conveyor belt cleaning and maintenance products.
• Waloni belt tracking devices.
• Conflow/Monroe belt impact sections.
• Custom engineered products for the coal industry.

For the industrial gas industry, Conflow Inc supplies the complete range of cryogenic valves from Bestobell Valves.

All product lines are held as stock items so that items can be despatched the same day an order is received.
Conflow Inc offers full service support from a team of experienced, qualified, and dedicated staff.

Conflow Inc
270 Meadowlands Blvd
PA 15301
Tel: +1 (724) 746 0200
Fax: +1 (724) 746 0940

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